Sunday, February 27, 2011


Right now, we are all facing a very uncertain future. No, I'm not talking about illness or anything like that. I am talking about the country as a whole.   We have a major problem in this country, and it is called being "dis-jointed". We have elected leaders in both the House and the Senate who simply can't get along.  We have Republicans on one side saying....cut cut cut....we have Democrats saying: Where where where.    Alot of mudslinging takes place with very few solutions.   What I find most amazing is how Republicans want to cut the budgets, but then vote to send money to Israel and other countries.  Hey, I am all for helping out, if the country was in a position to do so...problem is, we are not in any position to loan money or even give money to other countries.

Now, obviously, we know where a majority of the country's expense is really at. We know that funding the war is costing we the tax payers trillions of dollars.  Whether or not you support the war (or not), we need to take a good long look at the financial aspect. We need to figure out if the massive amounts of spending can be justified....or do we bring our troops home and truly tell them what a great job they have done.  See, this is the problem. The troops get caught in this catch-22.  If you say anything about ending the war, then you are anti-soldier. If you support the spending on the war, you are pro-soldier.   Why should this be?   People support the troops,but can no longer justify putting our troops in harms way when there really is no measuring stick for victory.  The troops need to be home with their families, where they can kiss their husband's, wives, kids, or parents good night, and wake up the next day without fear.  My opinion is, bring the troops home, give them as much love and support as possible...and stop spending billions on this war.  But, hey, that is only my opinion.

So, I digress, as usual.  We need elected leaders in Washington who will not be hard headed or stubborn. Yes...both Republicans and Democrats.  We need people in Congress who aren't walking around with their little fake tans (Rep. Boehner), and we need elected leaders who will roll up their sleeves, work together, and find solutions.
Yes, we all know how Hannity and Limbaugh truly hate democrats...and they have their loyal listeners who hate democrats as well.  There are Democratic media who can't stand Republicans too.  Lets end all the strife and rhetoric and get a solution to the current fiscal crisis.

Take a look around folks: Gas is on the rise. Food prices...on the rise....Home foreclosures occurring faster than you can spell the word Foreclosure, and jobs are still being lost.     Not a whole hell of a lot has gotten better and we need solutions, not bickering.

Like me or not, this is just my opinion. 

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