Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wth the media abuzz about Charlie Sheen, one has to wonder if this was the best acting he has ever done, or is he just that refreshingly honest?  Who really knows, but the fact of the matter is, you don't have to approve of his lifestyle because frankly, he is only an actor who brings his talent to the television.  It really is not the busineess of the public to judge him. Yes, it would appear Mr. Sheen brought the media firestorm to his own front door, but in the end, his llifestyle has no bearing on the average citizen.

Lets be honest, just because Charlie Sheen drinks and may have done drugs, certainly will not influence any adults to do the same. In fact, as adults, we have to understand Sheen is simply an actor hired to portray a certain role, which provides the public with entertainment. What he does in his personal life is not for you or me to judge. Sure, we can all have an opinion, but the opinion we may all walk away with has no affect on our life.  Sure, putting his kids on prime time television was probably not the bst momet in his career, but let us not forget, actors are narcisistic by nature and are self-indulging egomaniacs who look for the spotlight wherever they can find it.

What I find most interesting about the Charlie Sheen controversy is that CBS somehow disaproves of his lifestyle, yet the character he portrays on Two and a Half Men is a boozing, womanizing, single man, who has no commitments other to himself.   How is that much different than the Charlie Sheen we have all witnessed recently on tv?  So CBS approves of that lifestyl as long as it is a character, but when the actor is basically portraying himself, in real life, somehow that is no longer acceptablee to CBS?  Can you say Hypocrites?  Really. Take a look at his television persona. Is it really that much different that what we recently witnessed for the better part of a week?  No.   All the television outlets ran toward Sheen because his one on one interview was better than any reality show in television today. He seemed to play for the cameras while at the same time flipping the bird to Hollywood and saying...ya know what...I am who I am, you all knew who I pay me 1.8 million per episode to portray a character that is not acceptable to the studio big wigs in real life.  The hypocracy of it all really makes Sheen look like the good guy here.

Charlie Sheen's partying lifestyle is not something I would aspire to, but how can you fault a guy for going on television and just saying it like it is. In many respects, this is very refreshing. It is one person finally standing up to the institution of Hollywood and saying....take me as I am...I have made you millions...but you don't own me.

So, I fall on the side of Sheen here. I think he either gave an Oscar winning performance...or he was truly genuine. Who really knows, but if that meant exposing some of the Hollywood executives as being phony, then I think Sheen did a great job.If it meant telling the viewing public that actors need to stop hiding behind the persona of perfection, then he definitely succeeded.  If he did this for ratings...again, it worked.   So, who, in the end, can say Charlie Sheen did not have the last laugh? 


  1. He (and the media) seem to be under the misconception that people really care about his personal lifestyle. I don't know. Maybe some people do. In which case they need a life of their own.

  2. You are right. What is even more fascinating though, is how Sheen was thrust upon America for simply saying to hell with it. I agree, what Charlie Sheen does in his life certainly has no impact on my life or many....unfortunately, there are those who live by an actors every word. Why? I don't know, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people get caught up in this stuff.
    I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. I meant the blog to be fun and entertaining. :)