Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Alone Time- Off Running!

 Guest post by Felicia Pittman

My favorite form of exercise is running. When I was in high school, I ran on the track team for three years, and cross-country for four. Nowadays, with a husband, family and a job, as well as every other form of commitment and errands, my time to run is limited. My running is centered around when my kids are in school, so I typically go after the bus picks them up. Since I work sporadically and different hours, my times change frequently. However, I always make sure that before I leave the house, I set my home alarm security system (ADT Home alarm offers). Then it is time to pound the sidewalks!

I try to run at least 3 miles when I go out. This generally takes me about an hour, although on a good day it can be much less. I jog leisurely, and then speed up for my workouts, so I get my heart pumping. I do prefer to run by myself, as it is one of the few times that I have some time to myself. It gives me a chance to not only get in a good workout, but to clear my head, as well. I like to run out to the small park that is about a mile and a half away, as they have a small jogging/walking trail that surrounds it. All in all, my runs are energizing and fun, and I look forward to the break I get from every day stresses.

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