Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Country Divided...yet again

We live in a society that just can't seem to get along and most of the blame lies within the media. On a day that the country should rejoice the capture and ultimate death of the most vile terrorist on earth, the republicans continue the blame game with President Obama. Hell, I don't support everything he does, but I at least give him credit where credit is due.
The praise of Obama giving the final orders is justified, but the glorification of Obama and Bush is misguided at best. We have far too many soldiers to thank for the painstaking work they have been dedicated to in order to eradicate the evil monster they call Bin Laden.  His death signifies the justice of 3000 innocent victims that he ordered murdered. His death begins the process of families of soldiers who have been killed to finally realize their death was not in vane.  We are a country still at war and we should never lose sight of the targets. We are a country, like it or not, that will be at war with terrorists for many years to come. We should never be complacent with the death of Bin Laden. The terrorists should shake in their boots because somewhere, somehow, someday, they will each face the same demise as their gutless, spineless now deceased leader.
Any moment, a Navy Seal, Green Beret, Delta Force man will slam open the door to a terrorists home and that terrorist will face the same grim prospects as Bin Laden. Hopefully, terrorists world wide will pay attention to the stealth and swift actions of our special forces and live in fear that today could be their last. Everytime a terrorist looks out his window he doesn't know if he will be alive another second to breath the air.  Talk about a major victory over terrorism.

Now, back on point. As a country we need to work together to solve the problems. I assure you the Seal Team members all came from different walks of life but when it came time to execute their mission, they did it as a team, no matter their differences.  Imagine what we as a country could accomplish if our politicians acted llike a team and worked together to solve a problem

So, Hannity, Limbaugh and all you other disgusting, vile, talk show hosts who continue to divide the country, I hope you learn one lesson from the brave soldiers in the armed forces. Put aside your differences and work together for a common goal.

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